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Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner


Nancy's belief is that the body has an innate wisdom which should allow it to heal itself but our toxic environment has interfered with the process. 

Increasingly frustrated by the health challenges of family and friends who were not helped by prescription medicine, Nancy began to educate herself on lifestyle changes that impacted wellness such as nutrition, use of essential oils, Chinese herbs, and other alternative healing modalities.

A YouTube video introduced Nancy to Donna Eden, the founder of Eden Energy Medicine and inspired her to take a one week intensive with Donna at the Omega Center in New York. After the intensive, Nancy decided to expand her skill set and dedicate herself to the rigorous Eden Energy Medicine two year certification program.

Passionate that the tools of Energy Medicine can assist in healing, Nancy’s goal is to share these techniques and help those interested improve their health and wellness.

Before Nancy was introduced to Energy Medicine, her first career was as a public school teacher followed by several decades as a children’s librarian. In addition to her Energy Medicine practitioner certification, Nancy has a B.S. from the former Boston State College and an MLS from the University of Rhode Island. She is also a certified Reiki Level II practitioner.

Innate Knowing

“"Your gifts are abundant in your wisdom, gentle touch and innate knowing. Such a gift you are to this world in need of deep healing. So lucky are we to have you among us."”

Rachel R.

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