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Vitality Begins Within.

Support every system in your body naturally with Energy Medicine.


Hi, I'm Nancy. Nice to meet you!

As the founder of Energy Woman Rising, I embrace the idea that although getting older is inevitable, aging is a choice.


My passion is to provide my clients the Energy Medicine tools that will help them be vibrant, active, and healthy, no matter what their age.



Energy Medicine is an approach that involves balancing and restoring the body's natural energies to increase vitality, strengthen mental and emotional capacities, and optimize overall health.

Working directly with the body's energy systems, an Energy Medicine Practitioner can activate the body's natural healing abilities. 


Strengthen the health of your immune system, and relieve pain and common discomforts


Innate Knowing

“Your gifts are abundant in your wisdom, gentle touch and innate knowing. Such a gift you are to this world in need of deep healing. So lucky are we to have you among us.״ 

- Rachel R.

Wonderful Practitioner

"I have to say the session really helped me - - not just the treatment but your explanations and gentle advice. My lower back felt better at the end of the session (I really did feel the heat) and my mood was lifted a great deal. You really are a wonderful practitioner of this energy craft and you bring a lot of additional emotional and informational gifts to your clients beyond the techniques!״ 

- Donna J.

Creative & Resourceful

“Many thanks for the wonderful energy medicine session today. It was delightful! I tried to be extra alert to my mood and feelings all day and the result I felt was: Relaxed and calm and a sense of well-being. Who could ask for more?״ 

- Judy K.


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